Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stuff My Stocking - Day 9 - Rulers

It's Tool Time! Remember that classic bit?

Ahh, the good old days, with Tim Allen and his Home Improvement gang.

Some days at Bear Patch would make a perfect plot for a situation comedy, and we always take our tools seriously! Today we have something to add to your tool belt--

Some great Creative Grids Basic Range rulers! We chose 2 of our most popular sizes. The 6" x 12" is such a handy go-to tool for your ruler collection. And I especially like it when I am packing up to go places like classes, guild meetings, retreats, etc., because I don't worry about breaking it like my longer ruler that pokes out of my bag.

The 6" x 6" size is so practical for squaring up common sizes of blocks as we are constructing the next masterpiece. It can be used for all those half-square triangle or quarter-square triangle blocks, flying geese blocks, etc. And fussy cuts!

Regular price for both is $31.90
Day 9 "Stuff my Stocking" price
$23.93That's 25% off!
As is standard with Creative Grids rulers, they have the non-slip underside to make your cuts more accurate. Nothing worse than a slippery ruler!
The "Basic Range" of rulers has all the essential markings, but they have eliminated the 1/8" marks to make things a little clearer. They are printed in black and white, making them useful on most shades of fabric.
Notice how well the dark lines show on the lighter section, but the white lines really show up on the dark purple? So it's time to upgrade to these new rulers, and start out the new year right with excellent tools.

I think you know the drill, but here's the details:
Call Bear Patch at 651-429-1039
email us at
walk into the store and announce
"Stuff My Stocking"!

Make sure we have your name, phone number and payment info. All of your choices of our 12 Days event will be packaged for you to pick up after the 15th of the month. Tell your loved one that you have done the shopping already, all they have to do is show up at the store with the plastic card! A nice little bundle under the tree!

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