Monday, December 5, 2011

Stuff My Stocking - Day 4 - Pins

Today is the day to shape up that ratty old pincushion! Pull out those pins and set aside any pin that is bent or misshapen, any pin that looks like it is big enough or dull enough to be a thumb tack, and any pin that has a broken head. Are you left with anything good? You have permission to keep those pins, and right now throw away the rejects! Yes, it sounds radical, but you deserve nice pins! Say this after me: "I like nice pins and I'm worth it." Say it like you mean it. Now, for the price of one single $5 bill plus 4 pennies, your pincushion will love you. Glass Head Silk Pins in either red or white will make the perfect holiday decoration for your beloved pincushion. It's like an Extreme Pincushion Makeover and you don't have to let Ty tear down your house!

IBC Glass Head Silk Pins
$5.04 per box of 250
regularly $7.20 (25% off)
Super Fine .50 mm steel shaft - 1 3/8" long

Offer valid today (12/5) only
To take advantage of this deal before time runs out at midnight, these are your options:
  1. email the store at and tell us to stuff your stocking with the package of pins. Make sure you include your name and phone number because we need your credit card information and will need to call you for that.
  2. Call Bear Patch at 651-429-1039 during business hours (9-9) and tell us to stuff your stocking with the pins and give us your name, phone number and credit card number.
  3. Walk in the store, tell us to stuff your stocking and leave all appropriate information, then have a cup of coffee or tea while you wander the aisles and decide what else your personal elf will be putting under the tree for you!
After that, continue to watch your email, facebook and/or this blog page for the remaining fun-filled days of our 12 Days of Christmas. Then after December 15 you can pick up a pretty package with all your selections inside, and have a merry little Christmas! We have several shoppers who are not local, so they will get the joy of opening up a box delivered to their door--how fun is that!!

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