Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stuff My Stocking - Day 12 - Book

Our final day of the Stuff My Stocking event is a good one! It takes me back to my beginning days of quilting when I made this--
This is the Star Log Cabin and was made in the late 80's (or maybe early 90's) while on a retreat at Camp Lebanon. I had never heard of the concept of "Quilt in a Day", but was intrigued enough to try it out. It was more like "most of a quilt in a weekend", but I wasn't put off by that because I really liked the thorough directions and process written by Eleanor Burns. From her many TV shows and patterns and books, I think she has helped shape most of the quilters I know. She is an interesting woman with a great sense of humor.

Today's deal is awesome! We have one of Eleanor's recent books on a huge discount for you.
Normally, this book would cost you $27.99, and would be worth every penny. Today we can stuff this into your stocking for only $12.99!
I have been checking out this book and found plenty of projects in there for a quilter of any experience level. There are 20 individual blocks, each broken down into very easy instructions with loads of step-by-step illustrations. They are categorized by style and difficulty, so you can choose for yourself which ones are best for you. Those blocks are combined in several settings and projects from small to large. There is going to be something inside these covers that you will find helpful.

So, once and for all, tell us to "Stuff My Stocking" via email ( or telephone (651-429-1039) or do it the old fashioned way and walk into the store! No matter which way you contact us, you will not get an automated reply, we have real people to talk to! Remember that we need your full name and phone number in order to make this work. If you want to leave your credit card number that is fine, we will total up the cost of your stocking contents and process the charge.

Your goodies will be all ready to pick up after Thursday the 15th. We will be spending Thursday sorting and organizing and packaging everything for over 160 people! We are amazed at the response to this event, Debbie and I went into this without the experience of doing something like this before using only internet advertising. Honestly, we just started talking about and planning this Nov. 1, and thought we would be happy with a couple dozen participants. Well, our wonderful customers had a different plan, and have kept Debbie busy ordering enough of the products to meet the demand, while I have tried to keep up with logging in everyone's requests. It has been fun hearing from so many of you near and far. Some people wanted only 1 item, others have shopped daily for multiples. We even have a special customer who emails us a little rhyme with her orders! All of this has prompted us to start planning for the future and similar projects, so make sure you are on our email list and check the website and this blog often. You just never know what will pop up!


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