Monday, December 12, 2011

Stuff My Stocking - Day 10 - Needles

Got needles?
Of course we do! Just look at what I found around the house!

A whole bundle of knitting needles that someone could inherit, or more likely discard when they have to clean out my stash room(s)!

I found these really old needles from Grandma's sewing box. A scrap of old newspaper made the perfect needle holder. I can still smell her when I open the box, and feel transported back to sitting on her lap.

We have some surgical suture just in case I have to close any incisions.

We have big old needles that are really useful for basting a turkey! Injected turkey is the best!

But these are our favorites--
Wonderful high quality machine needles from Schmetz, ready to go into your stocking! Did you know that changing your needle regularly can make a huge difference in the quality of your stitches? So often we get questions on the phone or in person from other quilters and sewers who wonder why their machine is skipping stitches or just isn't working right. The first thing we always recommend is a new needle and re-threading. Very often that is all that is needed to correct the problem. The days of using a needle until it breaks are past! It really is a relatively small expense that helps make a happy machine.

There are several types of needles, and each has its own ideal use. Visit the Schmetz Learning Center to find out more about needle details. You can learn all about the numbering system and why the needles are shaped differently for different purposes.

Our special Stuff Your Stocking deal is 2 packs of the Quilting needles, one each of size 75/11 for piecing and 90/14 for quilting.

Our regular price is $4.99 per pack of 5 needles. Today you can save 25% when you purchase both packs for $7.50.

I think you know the drill, but here's the details:
Call Bear Patch at 651-429-1039
email us at
walk into the store and announce
"Stuff My Stocking"!

Make sure we have your name, phone number and payment info. All of your choices of our 12 Days event will be packaged for you to pick up after the 15th of the month. Tell your loved one that you have done the shopping already, all they have to do is show up at the store with the plastic card! A nice little bundle under the tree!

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