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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday and Celebration!

Please make a note that we will be 
closed on Sunday, February 19.  
We are using that time for our employees to work together 
and boost our creativity and have some fun!

On Monday, February 20, we will again be celebrating 20 years of Bear Patch fun!
All year, the 20th of the month means Party Time at the store! 

Back in grade school, we always looked forward to bringing cupcakes to school for our birthday.
So Bear Patch will have cupcakes for you on Monday (while they last)!
In addition, we will have another treat for you!  
This is for anyone who visits the store on Monday, no purchase required.

We will be handing out a cute little "KeeZee" for everyone!  This is a great little gadget that will help anytime you are sliding keys on or off your split-ring keyring!  
No longer a struggle with pinches and broken nails to change those keys!

And since Monday is an official holiday for so many of you, we hope to see many familiar faces!  We want to celebrate the holiday with you and pass along some rewards, too.  President Debbie has added a chance for you to get some reduced prices!  You can draw for a discount of 15% up to 40% off your purchase of fabric, patterns and books!  

Are you feeling lucky?!

We're open all day Monday, 2/20, from 9 AM to 9 PM!
Call us at 651-429-1039 if you have any questions!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

3 Yards Is Plenty!

We are loving the convenience of the 3 Yard Quilts by Fabric Cafe!
Take 1 yard each of 3 fabrics and any of the many assorted patterns we have, and voila!
A nice lap size or kid size quilt!
We have bundled up some of our favorite coordinates to help you get started.  They range from cute little kid theme prints, to cozy up-north flannel, to pretty florals that would make a great comfort quilt.  Or, we can help you pick your own style!

 We have 4 booklets full of 3-yard designs, plus about a dozen individual patterns.  There are probably 2 or 3 that will catch your interest!

And we have samples of some of the quilts on display.
Any of the 3 yard bundles will work with any of the patterns, so the possibilities are endless!

You can try to choose just one, but chances are good that there are several 3-yard quilts in your future!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let's Get The Party Started!

We are kicking off our 20th Anniversary celebration on 
Friday, January 20!

It's time for little celebration of our years of business and our wonderful customers.
This is going to last all year long!  
Mark the 20th of each month on your calendar and 
plan to visit Bear Patch on those days.
Remember the saying "Measure twice, cut once"?
Wise advice, and now it will be easier 
with your new little blue Bear Patch ruler!

Everyone who comes to Bear Patch on 
Friday, January 20th, from 9am-5pm
can pick up a pretty new blue ruler.  
This is 1" x 6", the size of the ruler that 
I probably use more than any other.
So we hope to see you Friday!

One ruler per person, no purchase necessary!
Just show up and pick it up!
And stay tuned for our February surprise!

Call 651-429-1039 if you have any questions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our Fancy Forest Saga

Once upon a time, a year or so ago, I saw the Fancy Forest quilt by Elizabeth Hartman on display at Quilt Market.  It drew me in like a magnet.  A really strong magnet, like you might find if you have an MRI!  The pattern book came home with me, and taunted me from my collection of "Things I would make if only I had more than 24 hours in the day!". 

But, we all know that there are only 24 hours in a day.  Many more pressing things take priority over whimsical quilts that have lots and lots of pieces in them.  But I knew that if only I could make it, my little grandsons would think I was the most fabulous grandma ever!  I even tried to coax my own mom into taking on the project, just so it would get done and I would have a little part in it!  She didn't bite.

Then, along came the kits from Robert Kaufman Fabric!  This was really, really hard to resist!  The fact that I could have all the right colors in all the right places was such a temptation.  I'm generally not a person who goes with a kit, although since I've been working at Bear Patch and picking and choosing for kits, my thoughts on buying a kit have changed.  In this particular case, a big part of the attraction of this quilt is the range and shading of color groups.  Having all of that worked out by the designer was very compelling!

Then, along came Laurel, who was determined to make this quilt for a Bear Patch class!  I could maybe even use the class as motivation to make my own!
But, fate intervened, and Laurel had a great fall.  Unlike the nursery rhyme, Laurel will eventually be put all together again.  But it will be awhile before Laurel can put the Fancy Forest all together!  
So, we put on our thinking caps and came up with an alternative plan--it takes a village to pick up the pieces for Laurel!  Now, 3 more people have been sewing little forest animals from Laurel's beginnings, and our Fancy Forest Family is making a quilt!

Laurel made the Fancy Foxes before she had her great fall!

I stitched the Frances Fireflies--not butterflies, because these have a little white light on the tail!

Marlene finished up the Bunnies that Laurel had started.

Linda put together Hazel Hedgehog blocks.

I worked on the Allie the Owl blocks.

And Marlene made the Thistles!
We are so happy to now have all the blocks sewn, and ready to be finished next week when I have some serious sewing time!  We are starting our class in a couple of weeks, and we have a few spots open in either the 1PM or 6:30PM sessions.  And, we have kits!  So, whether or not you are in the class, this kit is available for purchase.  It includes the pattern ($24), and is $230.  This includes all of the coordinated colored fabrics for the blocks, the black and white used for accents, the Robert Kaufman's Essex yarn-dyed linen blend for the background, and fabric for binding.  That's a total of 17 3/8 yards of goodness!  The number of kits available does have a limit, so don't procrastinate too long on this one!  Call 651-429-1039 or email info@bearpatchquilting.com for more information!

Update: 1/20/17
All of the animals have come together! Yay!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter Classes 2017

We have another full round of classes ready for our great customers!  We have been busy bees in the store since Christmas, with our clearance sale for 3 days, and then 3 days of inventory, changing displays, cleaning, new products, etc.  We are very happy to show our latest listing of classes, for complete information visit our website.  Here's a little sampling!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Still Shopping??

For round 2 of our gift ideas, we have a few more featured items:

Another excellent gift choice is something simple and basic--quality thread!  To the untrained eye, our little box of Aurifil thread might seem unimportant.  Not so!  This little assortment is like a treasure chest to many of us!  These colors shown were chosen to compliment the 2016 Quilt Minnesota fabrics, and we still have some of those pieces left.  Just imagine how impressive it would be to gift a bundle of those fat quarters along with the thread box!  The price on the thread and box is $30, and fat quarters can be added for $2.50 each.

Here's a treasure chest of a different sort - a collection of beautiful and useful scissors from       .  They are packaged in a special velvet lined wooden box.  Several of these scissors have distinct and unique uses, and probably not something everyone already owns.  $79.99 brings a lot of fine shine to the sewing room!

Have you seen the light?  The Slimline Light?
This is a fabulous new LED table light that I can truthfully say is now a necessity in my sewing room!  It illuminates either my sewing area or my cutting area, depending on which way I turn it.  It's clamped to the counter top, but an additional round weighted base could be purchased. 
 The light is $180 and the optional base is $43.
Aging eyes will say "thank you"!

We do love our tote bags and project bags in many shapes and sizes, why not tote in style with one of our Bear Patch bags!  Those pictured range in price from $17.50 to $25.00.  Better yet, give the gift of a bag filled with fabric!

A lot of times, we have customers who want to present a gift that looks and feels like a real live quilt!  Here's a very easy answer that doesn't involve a lot of time and effort for either the gifter or the giftee--  the Jelly Jive pattern ($3.50) plus a strip roll ($38-$44 each) plus fabric for binding and backing if you choose to include that.  We have made this pattern numerous times and it's a great couch quilt size (50" x 59 1/2").  We have a large assortment of strip rolls for you to choose from, this is one of the brighter choices, but there are many others.

Looking for a stocking stuffer?  These pretty little tins are both useful and decorative.  Even better when they are filled with needles, pins, clips, M&M's, etc!

Another good idea -- take advantage of some of the pre-cuts we have in stock packaged with a book of patterns to use those pre-cuts!  Pre-cuts come to us from the fabric companies cut in some standard sizes.  They are coordinated sets from a designer group of fabrics, and are die-cut and packaged for us.  That makes it so easy for you to use!

Of course, you can always play it safe and get the gift that pleases all!  Our gift cards can be written for any amount you choose, they never expire, and the balance can be carried forward until it is used up.  Load it up with a good chunk of change and see the smiles on Christmas day!

And finally, a frozen rainbow over White Bear Lake this morning--not for sale because it's priceless!

Don't wait too long for your shopping, we are closed on Christmas Eve Day so we don't want any disappointed husbands knocking on the door on the 24th!  We are open regular hours between now and then (Mon-Wed 9-9, Thur-Sat 9-5, Sunday 12-4).
Call us at 651-429-1039 if you have any questions.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's Time For Gift Giving!

Need some gift ideas?  We have some options for you to consider...

A Cozy Scarf pack for only $6 each, with free directions to make 3 variations.  This is soft and cuddly fabric with easy no-sew or low-sew possibilities!  And pulling the threads to make the fringe is really rather soothing if you get too much jingle in your jangle!  Tammy is a good sport for our photo session, maybe she will find one under the tree at her house?!

A handcrafted seam ripper with wooden handle--$17 and a choice of wood color.  These are going fast!  I can personally vouch for the quality of workmanship and sharpness.  If you have to rip, you might as well do it in style!

A great new iron also makes the world a happier place, at least in the sewing room!  This has the advantage of being a cordless model, so it can be utilized in some different ways.  Since I do longarm machine quilting, sometimes I encounter something that needs to be pressed while the quilt is on the frame.  With my Panasonic cordless iron, it's simple to do!  $129.95

And for the mobile quilter on-the-go, this travel sized Clover Wedge iron is just what's needed.  It costs $49.98 and is worth every penny!

Another uniquely handcrafted gift is the little Needle Nanny.   It has a magnetic attraction!   It can be placed on your lapel or on the project in the works.  While doing some handwork, when you need a break or just get interrupted, it holds onto your needle until you get back to the stitching!  We have a variety of designs and shapes to choose from for $11.99.

One of these key fobs with wrist bands is a perfect little stocking stuffer and costs just $9.  They work for keys, loyalty cards, flash drives, or anything you need to hook up!

From the same artisan who creates the wooden seam rippers, we have numerous wooden bowls, platters, vases, etc.  Each one is unique.  They really are something special, and we have a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  Depending on size, they are priced between $10 and $20.  They are sanded so smoothly, it's a special sensation just to touch!

Our imported woven baskets from Ghana are also one-of-a-kind gifts.  No two are exactly alike!  Depending on size, they range in price from $40 to $50.  From bright colors to subtle shading, they are works of art and utilitarian on top of that!  They are quite durable and strong.

I'll be back in a day or 2 with more ideas for you!  Quantities can be limited, but we always try to get more in stock.  Even if Santa's elves can't get it here before Christmas, we would be happy to write up a gift card to cover the cost of the item to be picked up later.