Thursday, January 17, 2019

Way Back in 2018

On last November 18, we held a Retirement Dinner for both Laurel and Debbie.  The hard part was making sure that Debbie could maintain a "hands off" position and leave all the planning to someone else!  We held it at Tria Restaurant in North Oaks.  They specialize in banquets and events, it would be a beautiful place for a wedding reception.  We had a private dining room with beverages and a buffet dinner.  It was delicious!  We had a little entertainment in the form of many pictures of the past years at the store, thoughtful tributes from our group, and a special exclusive reading of an ode to Bear Patch written by our own Linda P.!

I sharing this today because I glanced through pictures and found these from the table decorations that Linda and Tammy designed.  What a great centerpiece, different for each table!  Each square glass vase was wrapped with colorful tape measures and a tape measure bow was added to the bouquets.  Tammy used some seasonal decorations of little pumpkins and gourds and seed pods to mix with the flowers.  The small quilts in the center were made by a couple people from a class in the past.  Little fairy lights and votives were added to complete the scene.  

A great idea for a way to incorporate quiltyness into your next gathering?

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MissesStitches said...

very cute centerpieces! i was just thinking yesterday about our guild's summer picnic, and wanting to come up with some idea for centerpieces. thanks for the idea!