Friday, December 9, 2011

Stuff My Stocking - Day 8 - Bobbin Saver

Did you hear the news? It's all over the TV and internet--Santa is tired of cookies!

He's making a switch to donuts!

Those do look scrumptious, but a little messy for my sewing room. Plus I would be forced to think about using that treadmill for something other than a place to drape fabric! Since we are always thinking of ways to help our customers, we are going to save you some calories today, and offer this kind of donut instead--

Bobbin Saver by Blue Feather Products
(reg. $8.29)

The BobbinSaver holds metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes. It is made of flexible rubbery plastic that expands to hold the bobbin and snugs up around it. Thread ends won't tangle or unwind and it holds over 20 bobbins. This is a perfect way to sort your bobbins by purpose and/or type of thread. Use a little label or marker to designate what each bobbin donut is for: embroidery, cotton, aurifil, quilting, piecing, etc. A fine tip Sharpie works perfectly.

I think you know the drill by now about how to stuff your stocking (not yourself!), but here's the details:

Call Bear Patch at 651-429-1039
email us at
walk into the store and announce
"Stuff My Stocking"!

Make sure we have your name, phone number and payment info. All of your choices of our 12 Days event will be packaged for you to pick up on the 15th of the month. Tell your loved one that you have done the shopping already, all they have to do is show up at the store with the plastic card! A nice little bundle under the tree!

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