Friday, December 2, 2011

Stuff My Stocking - Day 2 - Thread

We are already into Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas. And due to some technical difficulties yesterday, we are extending our Day 1 offer through today, as well! We discovered that we had sent out 2 email messages within 24 hours (due to time zone details) and the second message was viewed as spam in some inboxes. Details, details! So if that applies to you, you can thank us for testing your spam filtration system because now you know that it works!

Now back to the fun! Day 2 Deal--
Aurifil thread!!

This really is your lucky day, because we rarely offer a discount on this product! We love our Aurifil thread, if you haven't already tried it, you need to! Trust me on this. Here are the reasons I like my Aurifil:
  • low lint
  • that means easy on your machine and less cleaning
  • 40 wt for everyday sewing is fine but strong
  • lower price per yard than other brands we carry
  • lots of yards on those spools, when I finish one it is like a badge of honor. Save those empties to show off to your friends!
  • lots of yards on your bobbin means less rewinding
  • removeable end cap holds the thread tail in place so my thread drawer stays a little neater
  • the Aurifil spokesman, Alex, is easy on the eyes. And Italian. We all know what that means!
Enough! Time to stuff your stocking! You will get 3 spools for the price of 2, which is $21. We will pick 3 of the most commonly used "piecing colors" for you, and you will be a happy quilter! Just contact us and tell us to "Stuff My Stocking". We will hold all of your "Stocking Stuff" until the end of our 12 Days of Christmas offers and enter one total charge to the credit card number that we will ask you for with your first order. Quantities may be limited on some items, just sayin', you don't want to dilly-dally on these offers. You can come into the store after Day 12 to pick up your lovely gift bag of items. Don't live nearby? We will be happy to ship to you, adding only the cost of postage. What a wonderful package to find on your doorstep!

To get this Aurifil offer, valid only today, you need to act quickly! Take your pick:
  1. email the store ( and if you haven't already signed up for our email list please try it out by popping over to our website homepage and register your email address in the box in the middle of the page. You can always unsubscribe if you choose.
  2. call the store (651-429-1039) during business hours : Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri-Sat 9-5, Sun 12-4
  3. best of all, come into the store! We have a great display of Christmas project and gift ideas, lots of kits for many of our window display items. Have a cup of coffee or tea, enjoy our Christmas carols, and have a chat!
Stay tuned for Day 3! Pam signing off now!

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