Thursday, November 6, 2014


Love these sweet new patterns for wool applique!  These are from The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.

And a whole booklet of woolie fun from SamSarah Designs.  I am sooo tempted to drop everything else and just gather my wool and thread together!

This next part isn't quilt related, but it is inspiring.  This is a mosaic tile design on a big wall in the entrance to the women's restroom at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport.  I don't remember which concourse this was in, you will have to search it out if you ever get there!  I know it's not the only cool bathroom entrance out there, I glimpsed another picture as I walked past the men's restroom, too.
And on another occasion, down a different concourse, I found another beautiful bathroom entrance--seems like there is a surprise around every corner!

 Here's an excerpt from the plaque on the wall.
Seasons of Change
Barbara Benson Keith, fabricated by Mosaika
Hand glazed ceramic tiles  2012
To achieve pure happiness and calm, I have the perfect formula:
Step 1 - Take a blanket and spread it out in the woods.
Step 2 - Lie down on the blanket.
Step 3 - Look up into the treetops.  Relax. Dream. Think.

I would add step 4 - Take along something to stitch!

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