Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grace learns to Sew and Cast!

I finally got to spend 24 hours at the cabin with my only grandaughter Grace (age 6) and her brother Brody (age 4). Grandpa Bob had both kids casting with their own fishing poles by the time I got there on Saturday. Brody is using the pole we had for his dad Andy when he was the same age. Grace is using the pink Barbie pole I picked up at a garage sale! Brody says he caught hundreds of fish (really only 2). Grace caught upwards of 24- most by herself. The highlight of the day was sitting at my sewing machine with her. We went over the buttons on the machine- How to sew a 1/4" seam allowance, sew in reverse etc. etc. She liked all the decorative stitches the best. Her first project was a travel size pillow case. She did just super. We can't wait to sew together again! I think she will become a great little seamstress!

We took a short ride from the cabin to a swamp full of dead trees. On top of the trees were all these large nests. Turns out this is a spot for Herons to nest. What a strange sight watching these birds fly to the top of the tree and land on their nest. Even stranger was that they were all standing up in their nests!

3 Sisters and Mom Annual Retreat

My 2 sisters- Nona and Desi- and mom -Carol-came to the cabin for our annual 3 Day retreat. We spend one day shopping and the rest of the time watching movies, giving ourselves mud masks and pedicures, and paddling around the lake. That's me on the left if you can't tell! I wait on them hand and foot- make them tea, yummy breakfasts and dinners with Desi making great appetizers and healthy beverages in the afternoon. The weather wasn't so great outside but we had a blast inside! Can't wait til next year!!

Summer Sew Camp for Kids

Summer classes are well under way! Jeanne has set up a series of Kid Sewing classes. We still have openings in some of them- stop in to see the samples. Aren't the pictures great?