Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Real Teaser

This may not seem fair, but I'm doing it anyway!  I have been lucky to have a whole week away for sewing, you can read more about it here.  Quite a bit of what I did was dedicated to things that will be displayed and/or taught at the store in the coming months.  So here's a preview--

This is a pattern I am preparing to write.  It will be part of the Bear Patch Sew Creative Event.  It's not completed yet, this is as far as I have made it.  I promise it will look better!  At least I will iron it!

And then there are my giant scissors!  I do have a soft spot in my heart for scissors, so when I saw this pattern by Bee In My Bonnet, I had to have it.  I still need to quilt and bind it and add buttons right where the blades crisscross.  This will hopefully be on the summer class schedule, and I will be putting together kits.  This is all rotary cut and pieced the usual way, not paper pieced.  And it was fun!

So I hope you are tantalized and inspired, and do sign up for the Sew Creative Event.  Three times to choose from, March 6 & 10, daytime and evening, weekday and weekend.  So something should work for you!

See you soon I hope --Pam

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Learning Is Fun

Do you make resolutions for the new year?  If one of those resolutions was to learn something new or do something special for yourself, we have just the ticket.  We have a wonderful assortment of new class offerings to start 2013 on the right foot.  There are special techniques and tips taught with each and every class.  And so often we hear that a little detail that we might not have intended to be the focus of the lesson was what a learner needed to make sense of what needed to be done.  Just being in the presence of others who have the same interest can be helpful and inspiring.  We have classes for everyone from beginners to experienced, projects large and small, one-time classes or a whole series of classes.  So go to our website, click on the "Classes" tab and click on any of the pictures to get a full description, picture, date, time, price, etc.  Even better yet, if you can make it to the store you can see and examine all of the samples up close and personal.