Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How Much Thread?

I kinda' like a little trivia now and then.
Here's a fun fact:
On December 9th, our Stocking Stuffer of the day was a great deal on Aurifil thread.
You might remember it.
It was an offer to buy 2, get 1 free.

Well, that sort of thing always brings the thread lovers out of the woodwork!

Now that the dust has settled, and numbers have been tallied,
 I am pleased to announce that
on December 9, 2013,
 537 spools of Aurifil were purchased at Bear Patch!


That's a whole lot of thread!
There are 1422 yards of thread on each spool.
That totals 763, 614 yards.
2,290,842 feet.
433.9 miles.
Approximately the distance from Bear Patch to Kansas City.
If Dorothy had wanted to find Bear Patch instead of the Land of Oz,
 she could have simply followed the Aurifil thread instead of the Yellow Brick Road!
It even works in the song...
"Follow the Aurifil thread.  Follow the Aurifil thread."

Now let's see what we can sew with all of that thread!