Friday, August 1, 2008

Quilt MN 2008

Oh what fun!  The 2008 MN Statewide Shop Hop kicked off today with a bang!  We had so many fun and happy people pass through our doors, it was somewhat of a surprise to us because last year (the first year) it was not so well attended.  This is great!  The quilters are not going to go quietly into the sunset just because of a crappy economy!  NO!  This is a view of our featured quilt and other related items.  The quilt was designed by Terry Atkinson and since I was a participant in its construction, I can vouch for the fact that it is another great pattern from her.  We also have a beautiful quilt designed by Laurel, which I will present to you shortly.  And now a plug for myself!  I have designed and published 5 patterns for this occasion, using the featured MN fabric, and they had a successful debut today!  Available only at Bear Patch!  The tabletopper and tablerunner are at the front edge of the cabinet.  To the rear is Aisle Style, a shopping bag.  Barely visible on the left is Going Sewing, items for mobile sewing.  Just barely visible to the right is Night Delight, a set of customized linens, which has turned out to be the favorite for our shoppers today!  The fabric line by Moda is a big hit, it is flying off the shelves!  We learned last year that we totally underestimated the desirability of this collector fabric line, so Debbie quadrupled her order!  But it is going fast, so don't delay!