Sunday, November 23, 2014

Big Book Sale!

 From Kansas City Star Quilts
a warehouse-on-wheels sale
at Bear Patch Quilting Co.
Monday, November 24 - Sunday, December 7

We have boxes and boxes of books moving out of the storeroom and onto the book shelves!  All of the books pictured are available during this limited time at deep, deep discounts.  
Less than half price!  
All in perfect condition and by some 
very respected authors/designers.  
Quantities on hand are limited, but we will be able to re-order from Kansas City Star Quilts.
If you want these for Christmas, shop early!

This sale lasts for 2 weeks only, 
so don't put off this special shopping experience!

As usual, store hours are:
9-9 Monday through Thursday
9-5 Friday and Saturday
12-4 Sunday 
That gives you a total of 136 hours of shopping time 
to take advantage of these prices!

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