Tuesday, November 25, 2014

City Sampler Again!

 More wonderful blocks (71-90) from the City Sampler by Tula Pink!  We have gone through so many of these already, and the possibilities of what can go into a single block really are limitless.  Depending on color placement, shading, design scale, etc., each block can look so different.

The blocks above end the chapter on "squares".  The blocks below and through #100 (coming soon!) are in the chapter titled Haiku.  This is the explanation from Tula Pink:

"The following blocks are more about composition than about the shapes that compose them.  I call them haiku blocks because they represent a poetry of shape that feels more organic than in the previous sections.  Here you will not find a lo of repetitive shapes or balanced constructions.  Instead you will find a composition of pieces that eludes the static nature of more traditional block structures."

Don't you love the little chick and bear embroideries?!  Those are Kristina's personal touch, just to add some fun.  You could do something similar, or maybe your initials?  Date?

We only have 10 more blocks to go, then we will get a "big reveal" from Kristina's assembly of the quilt.  The book includes several setting diagrams, with varying layouts and sizes.  I wonder what Kristina's will look like?  I have made a link to some City Sampler quilts here and here for just 2 examples.

The last posting of blocks will be ready in a few days.  In the meantime, don't miss our very important book sale going on right now!

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