Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Favorite Things 2

Linda P. is in LOVE with her #53 Edgestitch foot for Bernina!

In fact, we sometimes call her "53" to distinguish her from
 Linda E.!

Linda works in the Bernina sewing center and teaches classes, too.  She is an excellent resource for just about anything, and if she doesn't know the answer, she knows ways to find it!

Here's what she has to say about the #53 foot:

Bernina Foot #53 is a unique and versatile foot for straight stitching and one of my favorites!  It is Teflon coated so the foot moves easily over leather, vinyl or other "sticky" materials as well as being invaluable for sewing wonderfully on all quilt and woven fabrics. 

The left "toe" is 1/4" wide and the right toe is 1/8" wide.  By using the right toe as a guide, any topstitching becomes precise and accurate.  This is my Go-To foot for the final topstitching when inserting a zipper.  The 1/8" wide toe is perfect for using as a guide next to the fold as the toe is skinny enabling stitching to be closer to any edge.

I love this foot so much that I actually have 2 of them as I would go into an absolute panic if I were to lose one and not have an extra one available!

Thank you, Linda, for your enthusiastic testimonial!  If you click on the link in the first line above, you will go to the Bernina website information and video about this foot.

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