Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Few of Our Favorite Things! Stripology Ruler

We have started a new feature for Bear Patch.  This is not a brand new idea to the world, but I have seen it used at Barnes & Noble and Total Wine, so why not at Bear Patch!?  It helps me pick a good book and a bottle of wine, so it could help you pick a new favorite thing, too!

We are highlighting some of our favorite products and an explanation of why this is such a game changer for us.  We get the ball rolling with Debbie:

Debbie is always on the lookout for a great new product for our customers, but she wants them to be as useful as possible.  This was a ruler that at first seemed like it wouldn't be essential.  But after using it for more than one project, she was sold!  Some of her reasons are:

Accuracy of cutting improves because you don't have to pick up and move the ruler for each cut.

There are handy little stars and squares on the ruler to bring your eye right to the inch or half-inch markings.

It's a heavier acrylic material so it's more stable than another brand of grid cutting ruler.  And like all Creative Grids rulers, it has little grippy spots on the back.

It's really perfect for cutting into your fat quarters, and then 
sub-cutting strips or strip sets.

It's the brainchild of a local designing talent, Gudrun Erla 
(GE Designs).  We like to support local entrepreneurs!

Directions are included in the ruler packaging, with additional video support on Creative Grids and Checker websites.

2 books ( Stripology and Stripology2) plus additional single patterns by GE Designs are perfect for learning to use this
 new ruler!


KathyinMN said...
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KathyinMN said...

Just got this ruler and highly recommend it and Gudrun's patterns.

Love that you are going to showcase items on the blog!

the Patch People said...

Hi Kathy! We hope to have a series of "Favorite Things" to share with you!