Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ideas Keep Coming

A couple more tested projects that we can easily recommend for Christmas gift-giving
(or maybe a treat for yourself!).

Pot Pinchers from Vanilla House Designs (pattern $8)

I had seen this pattern in the store, but until I saw a sample of the finished Pot Pincher I wasn't sure what the advantage was. But what I didn't realize is that they are made with a firm Timtex piece in the top part that covers the back of your fingers, and makes them really appealing! They seem kind of like little puppets. You really need to have a pair of these and use them on both hands when lifting a hot casserole or cake pan to get the best effect. They are perfect in some of those kitchen/food prints that we have.

Composition Covers by Indygo Junction (pattern $8)

This pattern includes 3 variations of fabric covers to cover a standard composition book (those notebooks with black and white covers and lined pages). It was pretty easy to make and turned out great, would be perfect paired up with a pretty messenger bag like this:

Manhattan Messenger Bag by Purse Strings (pattern $10)

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