Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back to Some More Bright Ideas

Who doesn't love a great new bag?! These are 2 choices that you can still have time to complete and put under the tree in time for Christmas:
The Two Hour Tulip tote is a sweet little pattern, and really comes close to the 2 hour time limit! I made the small size, but there are actually 3 sizes included in this $12 pattern with pocket variations. I put an extra long strap on this one because I foresee wearing it across my body when I am on a trip or outing and just need a little bit of stuff with me instead of a big ol' bag.

The Snap Happy II is part of the ongoing series of clever patterns from Stitchin' Sisters. This variation has a nice squared off bottom. The top snaps shut with the use of that ultra high tech gadget, a metal carpenter's tape measure! I made this one using some heavier weight fabrics with a very nice firm result, but I have also used regular quilting cottons with equally good results. One tip I like to share with people learning how to construct bags is to use some interfacing on the wrong side of the fabrics to give a crisper finish. Mid or heavy weight can both be used, depending on the results you like. We carry many interfacing products that are useful in so many of the things we like to craft, use the link above to see the choices and applications available from Pellon.

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