Friday, March 16, 2018


 Are you in a playful mood?  
Do you have need of a cute kids' quilt?

Charming little kid-friendly motifs are scattered across the yardage.  Who wouldn't love a frog, 
or a herd of frogs, leaping around?!
The colors are good strong shades, and the artwork was inspired by the drawings of Heather's own kindergartner daughter.  
So this is "kid approved"!

This is the Rainbow quilt, a free download on Windham's website.

Here's something else the kids love--a drawstring backpack!  Pattern is free on the Windham website.  Personalize it if you wish, using the cut-out letters from the alphabet prints.
Easy raw edge applique can spell out the child's name, a favorite expression, or something funny.

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There must be a chance for you to stop in the store sometime during the 64 hours each week that we are open!  
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