Friday, November 10, 2017

Last Call For Houston!

 We loved our trip to Houston!  If you don't follow us on Facebook, you should jump over there to see all of the pictures and fun that we shared.  Here are a couple happy endings for you!  We stayed at Le Meridien hotel, a very good home away from home for 4 nights.  It was an easy and safe walk to the Convention Center and since the weather was nice, we enjoyed the stroll.
I wanted to share this design on the wall in our room above the headboards. 
It's crafted to look like somewhere out in the galaxy! 
It really was a very cool statement wall.
And you know how we quilters can find quilt inspiration everywhere we go! 
This was the hallway carpet!

And how thoughtful that they put a hexie pillow in the room!  It was kismet!

And great graphic design in the hallway!
And then, there's the food!
Our favorite morning stop on the jaunt over to the
convention center is Phoenicia
It's a blend of market, deli, bar and restaurant. 
We stopped there for breakfasts and sandwiches or salads for our lunches. 
I love the tasty Mediterranean specialties that I don't see back at home.

Even the names of these salads are enticing!

And how about all the varieties of beans and legumes
on the never-ending shelves! 

Condiments, sauces, marinades, etc., etc.

A still life of fruit and olives!
Knowing that this city so recently suffered damages from Hurricane Irma, and that the same convention center was a temporary shelter, our experiences are all the more memorable.  Can't wait to go back!

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