Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our 50 States

In the Beginning Fabrics has produced a new line of fabric that fits into the "collectors" category.  I personally collect a few fabric categories:  typography (words and numbers), solids, Kokka, certain designers, etc.  I am going out on a limb and guessing you do some collecting, too!  It all becomes part of the gallery that is my retirement plan!  The fabric I am talking about today is Deco States.  It includes the state flower of each of our 50 states.  They are designed in an art deco style, and the flower graphics are tiled in rows across the fabric.

We didn't purchase all 50 bolts of this, due to space restrictions.  But we do have some good choices if you have an interest in owning all of the state flowers.  In The Beginning has packaged up 10" square bundles and rolls of 5" x 40" strips, so you will get each different flower.  The pack of squares contains all 50 flowers.  The rolls of 5" strips contain 25 flowers, so you would have to purchase Set A (Alabama-Missouri) and Set B (Montana- Wyoming) to have the entire collection.  In addition, there are 7 pin dot fabrics that are coordinated to complement  the colors used in the floral prints.  We have bolts of those dots on hand, as well as our own flower, the Lady's Slipper.

If you are in the mood to add this collection to your gallery, 
just call us (651-429-1039) and we will set you up!

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