Monday, March 28, 2016

A Little Temptation!

I have spent a little time working on some new bag samples for the store.  These are actually supposed to be part of the "Bag Window" that will be displayed for June and part of July.  Normally, I would be doing these at the last minute.  For some strange reason, I'm making them now!  Must be a sign of the apocalypse!

Anyway, instead of stashing these away until June, I wanted to show these pictures now because these would make some cute gift ideas for Mother's Day.  They take minimal time and minimal supplies.  The key element is the mesh fabric.  This is not the stiff stuff mesh like a window screen.  This is the soft mesh like that used in some athletic items.

Peek A Pouch by Sisters' Common Thread
8 1/2" x 6" x 2"

Jiffy Bags-Tall by Sisters' Common Thread
8 1/2" x 7" x 2 1/2" and 10" x 9" x 3 1/2" 
The Peek A Pouch requires just one fat quarter of fabric.  The zipper for that one is just the standard 14" zipper that we have in many colors and use in many little bags.  I did diverge from the directions just slightly, I used Soft & Stable instead of fusible batting in my sample.  I will probably make another one with the batting for comparison.  The Soft & Stable worked out great, but do remember to use your walking foot.  It stands up on its own and has room for all kinds of necessary items.  

The Jiffy Bags require only the mesh for the body of the bag, making it entirely transparent.  My adult kids love this kind of bag for packing in their suitcases.  They will put their underwear in one, socks in another, cords in another.  The pattern does call for a sport weight zipper for these, and that's what I used, but that could be replaced by the lighter weight zipper as used in the Peek A Pouch.  I used pretty ribbons to make the handle and grip at the ends of the zipper, but you could also make your tabs of fabric folded and topstitched.  These don't stand up on their own, I have them stuffed and propped for their picture.

If these look interesting to you, just ask us for the patterns.  We have some mesh packages in a couple of colors, and we will look for more colors, too.  And in June, look for these samples in the display window, along with more ideas.

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