Monday, October 26, 2015

Prairie Points For You

I don't think I have shared this on the blog previously, so here's a little surprise!

About 4 years ago, I was inspired to try filming a little video and create a YouTube channel for myself.  So I came up with an idea and one night my videographer (aka Husband Bob) worked out a little video for me.  I had been using a tool called the Prairie Pointer to make a bunch of prairie points to be used in a pattern called the Prairie Point Pillow.  Say that sentence 10 times fast!  Anyway, I added in a demo of inserting the pillow form.  Now, you might not think that this task is something that requires a demonstration.  After all, we do it all the time, right?  But I really like to make the back side overlap deep enough to eliminate any chance of it gaping open and naked pillow showing.  This has caused me some trouble with getting that pillowform inserted without straining the seamline stitches to the point of tearing.  Then, I had a lightbulb moment!  I was visiting with Terry Atkinson, well known local pattern designer, about the pillow patterns she was showing.  I got really brave, not wanting to show my ignorance, and asked her just how she managed to get such a nice back side overlap without any rippage.  She promptly showed me how to do it, and that's what became my lightbulb moment, and that's what I show on this video.  Check it out!


KathyinMN said...

Thank you for this video-not only for the tip on pillow stuffing, but on how this tool works. Love the crisp points it makes.

the Patch People said...

You are welcome, Kathy, and I hope it makes life easier for you!