Sunday, March 29, 2015

Batiks Are The Best!

I have previously posted a video showing the process of making batik fabric for Moda.  I have been preparing a new pattern using a quilt that I made from batiks, and I started thinking about that video.  While looking around to find that video, I came across another that is a new and improved version.  This one is narrated by a designer for Avlyn Fabrics, and explains what is happening to the fabric.  Plus, he includes information about the copper stamp making and the history of the art of batik.  So here you go---

Here's the quilt I made, please ignore the scraggly winter-dead grapevines at the top.  I hung this outside in the sunshine on my pergola for the picture.  

I used mostly leftovers and scraps of my own stash, along with sharing of my good friends, Nancy and Leisl.  The sign of a good friendship is the sharing your stash of batiks!  I am actually thinking that I would like to make this again, with more planning of the colors.  And a lighter outside border.  And a larger size.  In a rectangle instead of a square.

When I look at our shelves of batiks, it gets that notion going that I should start selecting and collecting a whole bunch of new batiks!  I used 91 colors of batik in this quilt, just a fat eighth (9" x 20") of each one.  So if I pick up a little here and a little there, I will be ready to go again!  Will you join me?  

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MissesStitches said...

Very interesting video! I wonder how safe the dyes are to use. Makes me appreciate batiks more.