Friday, May 23, 2014

24 and More

A few more of those rectangle blocks for you today--

The blocks in the City Sampler present some interesting challenges for fabric choices.  You might notice that solids work great in a lot of these blocks.  And you will see a good example of mixing batik fabrics with our regular quilting cottons.  There is no rule that says they must stay segregated!  The floral fabric in the lower left block is a great mix with the 3 different batiks.  We do get questions from our customers about inter-mixing batiks and printed cottons, and we like to encourage people to go with their gut feeling and make the quilt their own.  If there is a perfect shade of blue in a batik, go ahead and pop it into your quilt.  We do recommend pre-washing the batiks due to the fact that there can be more dye run.  It relates to the way that they are made, and if you watch this video you will get a better understanding.  And we try to keep some Retayne in stock, since it helps to set the dyes.

And now, another sewing room reveal for you!
Debbie, co-owner of Bear Patch, has been involved in some renovating and room swaps in her house.  She has enough done to share these photos of her haven.  She is a collector of quilting-related items, and has such a pretty setup for displays.  

And she likes to collect sayings and thoughts to be displayed around her room as good reminders of good attitudes.

Antique machines hold a special spot in her heart, above is just one of her collectibles.  Maybe she will share more of them?
And don't forget the modern day machine (below) and gadget boxes to contain all the needful things for machines!

 And lastly, here is a beautiful picture on a wall of her sewing room.  I love it!

Thank you so much for letting us into your room, Debbie!  And start taking pictures of your machine collection.  And teapot collection.  And teacup collection.  And anything else you collect! Didn't see any of the fabric collection in these pictures, probably would need a fish eye lens to take it all in!


MissesStitches said...

I just read a whole lot of your blog posts to "catch up." Enjoying the mix of block samples and private studio photos. It's always fun to see where other people sew!

jen said...

Just catching up on reading the blog....
Love the idea of sewing/quilting rooms/studios......Pictures....what about a contest of sewing room or quilt studios......neatest one.....not.....smallest one....or just were does one sew and quilt.......What color should you paint you room and what color did Debbie paint her room. Thanks