Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 5 - Bobbin Saver

The 12 Days of Christmas
Day 5 -- Bobbin Saver
Purchase a red or blue Bobbin Saver for $6.22, regularly $8.29.

BobbinSaver® Bobbin Holder holds metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes! Shaped like half of a bagel and hollowed out, it is made of flexible rubbery plastic that expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it. Threads won't tangle or unwind. BobbinSaver™ holds over 20 bobbins securely. BobbinSaver™ is a simple elegant gadget to store any kind of bobbin. Unit measures 3/4" tall and 5 1/8" diameter.

Whatever you call it, a bagel, a donut, a wheel, the circle of life, this is a great product to help you keep organized.  If you have different bobbins or threads for different purposes, get a BobbinSaver for each type and you won't waste time trying to find the right one for the job.  You can actually write on the plastic or attach a sticker or label.  

And speaking of bobbins, have you seen this little animation of how the bobbin thread (green) and top thread (yellow) work together to make a stitch?

The Important Stuff

The first order for the 12 Days of Christmas requires your name, phone number and credit card number,
which we will hold and charge with the total amount at the conclusion of the 12 Days.
DO NOT email your credit card number.
Call us or we will call you.

Orders can be placed via email, phone (651-429-1039)
or in-person at the store during regular business hours.
Mon-Thurs 9-9,  Fri and Sat 9-5,  Sun 12-4.

Pick-up begins December 19 and ends December 23.  
No items may be picked up before 12/19.
Remember, we are closed December 24, 25 and 26.

Items can be shipped for the additional amount of postage.
No handling fee is charged.
Liquid and/or oversized items will not be shipped.

The items offered are in limited supply, so requests
are filled in the order received while supplies last.

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