Friday, November 26, 2010

Bright Ideas

We have put our heads together to come up with ideas that we would recommend to be made and/or purchased for someone who loves to quilt. Many are on display right now in our front window area and can be looked over in detail if you are in the shop. Over the next few weeks I will be bringing them to you here so if you are at a distance, you might want to give us a call and we can arrange for purchase and shipping for you. Don't dilly dally on these, the days are flying by!
This is the Little Wallet by Valori Wells. The pattern is only $3 and the fabric requirement is minimal.
It is just the right size for keeping business cards, gift cards, punch cards, credit cards, ID cards, etc., organized and safe in a pocket or bag. Three little pockets are inside and it fastens shut with a snap or velcro. Mix and match fabrics to suit the person receiving it, add a button or trim, and you have created a personalized gift in a very short time. Tuck in a gift card and hang it on the tree for a sweet surprise!
Check back often for more bright ideas!

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