Sunday, June 17, 2012

Variations on a Theme

Here's a fun project that is a great example of ways to personalize a simple bag pattern.  Three people started out with the same fabric but ended up with different looks.  We each found a different coordinating striped fabric for the trim.  Some pockets were altered, straps were changed, etc.  

The source for the ideas came from the Label Crew by Sweetwater.  The Label Crew delivers a little pattern and a set of custom labels to my mailbox every month.  This bag was the most recent arrival.  These are some of the labels included:

This bag is made with a product called Soft and Stable, which gives it the ability to stand up on its own power.  Available at Bear Patch, of course!  It was pretty easy to sew with and gave good results.  You should give it a try!


JessBl said...

This is a super cute bag pattern - what pattern is it?

Also, what main fabric was used to make these bags?

Better yet - do you have a kit I could buy :)?

the Patch People said...

Hi JessBl
The pattern is called Lucy's Beach Bag and is available from Sweetwater's Etsy shop. I tried to make a direct link but it's not working for me. Look for Sweetwater Scrapbook.
The main fabric, the large floral, is from Free Spirit, designed by Valori Wells, named Floral Birds. We used the decorator weight and we do still have a couple yards left on the bolt. Call 651-429-1039 if you would like to order. There are no kits, this was just a personal project for 3 of us and we each used different trim fabrics. Glad you liked them!