Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Great Read

If you are a bag lady, or have the secret dream of becoming a bag lady, this is a book for you!  It would even make a great gift for a bag lady friend!
written by Lisa Lam, published by David and Charles, available at Bear Patch

There is a total of 12 unique bag designs in this book with full-size paper patterns included.  If you have ever looked at books published by David and Charles, you will recognize their ability to include lots of detailed photos and diagrams.  Lisa is an accomplished bag designer and blog writer from England and this is her second book.  The first was titled The Bag Making Bible.  This new book includes lots and lots of basic information and details and tips on making your bags look like a real professional worked on it!  There are 36 pages of information like the pictures below:

Details regarding fabrics (including laminates), hardware, pattern reading, zippers, interfacings, etc. are explained.  It is hard cover with that great spiral binding.  The book sells for $27.99 and is worth every penny! 

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