Monday, August 15, 2016

Quilt MN Shop Hop Ends for 2016

The Hop might be over, but there's still fabric to claim for your own!  On the final day of the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop, these are the bolts we have remaining--

Still several to choose from.  As we've heard from many visitors, we are out of some of the same things that many shops are.  Namely:  Brown and Orange texture lines, turquoise dots, multi-colored theme stripe, colored fish and mosquitos.  Not a single mosquito left in the store!  You would think maybe the Mosquito Control people had visited Bear Patch!
Also, we still have 5" and 10" square packs remaining.

Since the shop hop rules explicitly state that the fabric group cannot be sold at a reduced price for 1 year after the shop hop, we have been holding onto some of the 2015 fabrics!  Starting today, whatever we have left is marked down to $7/yard and 5" square packs also $7 each.  Here's your chance to pick up some good deals on those fabrics!  As a reminder, here's what the theme fabric looked like last year.  Still very charming!

Are you wondering what 2017 will look like?  So are we!

We still have the Row By Row Experience continuing, with your free pattern available for the asking, through September 6.  We still have kits available for our row, too, in 2 colorways.  Shown below is the funky fabric colorway, and the other is black/white with primary colors.  These happy houses are paper pieced, and designed by Mary of MH Designs.  She's a master at paper piecing, so you know this pattern is done right!  She's also a loyal friend of Bear Patch, and we so appreciate her talent.

During our Row By Row period, because it is a national endeavor, we have a big map and ask people to pin their home location.  We have so many pins!

But here's the deal--we need a few more states to show up!  We need:  West Virginia, Delaware, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maine, Vermont and New Mexico.  If you live in one of those states, we need you and you still have time to plan a trip to Bear Patch, so come on down!  You will make our map complete!

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