Wednesday, May 7, 2014

City Sampler Blocks 13, 14, 15

Today I have a perfect example of the importance of value of color in fabric and placement.  I got pictures of block 14 twice because at first glance they did not appear to be the same.  Here are more cross block variations:

Blocks 13, 14, 14, 15

For some added inspiration, I am suggesting some relevant links that you might like to investigate.

The Flickr website has several groups that are posting pictures of their City Sampler blocks. 
 Probably the biggest is The City Sampler Quilt Along.  There are finished quilts, 
as well as individual blocks, and even ideas on fabric selection.  
Many of the pictures in Flickr will give information about where to find the original picture, 
or a link to a blog where you can learn more about the picture and background 
of the person who shared it.  For example, there were a couple of photos
 of a collection of fabrics that were inspiration for the colors of the quilt.  
I could see the name of the screen name of the person who posted the photos,
 and I googled that name and followed the path to The Confused Quilter blog,
 back to the original photos and explanation.

The second site that I liked was 100 City Blocks.  
This is my way of telling you that you are part of a worldwide sew-along if you join in making the City Sampler blocks.  This is blog that follows the progress of a group of Swedish quilters, and although it is written in Swedish, the pictures need no translation.  Now, I have to let you in on a little-known fact about myself.  Way long ago, at the beginning of time, when I was 17 years old, I was an exchange student in Sweden.  The little town of Alingsas and the Sohlberg family became my 
home-away-from-home for a year.  I haven't retained the fluency of the language that I had at that time, but I do enjoy reading the 100 City Blocks blog and digging into the memory banks to translate it.  

And last, but definitely not least, is Tula Pink's own blog and website.  
Tula is a creative genius with a flair for the unusual.  
She designs fabric for Free Spirit Fabrics, 
and you have to look for some hidden design features in what she makes.  
You can listen to an interview with Tula by Pat Sloan on 
( I download these programs through iTunes to my iPhone, and then listen to them whenever I find the time.  And I usually learn something interesting or fun from each person interviewed.)  
Her fabric designs can even be purchased on the Gelaskins website as smart phone or 
laptop covers, or even fine art prints.

On another topic, we just experienced 3 wonderful days of the Twin Cities Shop Hop (last Thurs.-Sat.).  We had special guest designers every day, thank you, Debbie, for arranging all of that and making them feel welcome.  We had a continuous demonstration of how to use the Basix block ruler, thank you Laurel for selling everything we ordered and then some!  Thank you to the Patchwork Thursday group for volunteering to be greeters and stampers at the door.  And thanks to our wonderful customers for showing up and making it a celebration of quilting!

Darlene was busy stamping and answering questions
 when Barb showed up at the store.
Next up--blocks 16-19!!

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