Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Showy Lady Slipper

Our Minnesota state flower is the elusive Lady Slipper.  Not frequently seen in everyday gardens and roadsides, but occasionally spotted in protected spots and wild wetlands.  In fact, it is an imperiled and vulnerable plant in many states.  A member of the orchid family, it blooms only a short time in the spring.  But if you ever catch sight of a group of these in full bloom, it is a wondrous vision.  And you should count yourself among the lucky on that day!

This artistic rendition of our state flower has been created and stitched by Mary Herrschleb, the creative genius of MH Designs.  Well known for her excellent paper piecing patterns, Mary also loves some hand embroidery.  Her drawing has been transformed into a very life-like image, using an accent from crayons to add shading.  Very easy to learn, the basic embroidery stitches and coloring technique are well-explained in this pattern.  This new design of the Lady Slipper is gorgeous, and the pattern will be available exclusively at Bear Patch.  Plus, a limited number of kits for this pillow will be packaged.  
Call to request and reserve yours now!  651-429-1039

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