Sunday, June 9, 2013

New For You!

I am going to try to highlight some of the new things we are getting into the store from our trip to Portland for International Quilt Market.  Some of these are patterns from designers that we already know and love.  Others are new to us, and that is one big advantage of making the Quilt Market trip.  We get to see and learn about patterns, etc., that we might overlook otherwise.  

Many of you probably already know the names of Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, a design team that has published books and patterns with a more contemporary look.  Their company is the Modern Quilt Studio.  They have had several quilts featured in magazines, too, so you might have seen them there.  Here are 3 patterns that we selected to add to our supply.  Party of Four, Full Tilt and Fabric Fusion.

I wanted you to see the quality of the directions, too--

 We are working on a couple of samples from these patterns, so we will soon have the "test drive" report.

 Here is a new product for us--

Tag-It-On, little woven ribbon-like tags that are intended to be sewn into an edge or seam.  Especially nice for something that is a special gift for someone.  They are $5 for a little bag of 12 tags.  We have these 2, and if they are popular we will see about getting others, too.
Happy Sunday and Happy Sewing from Pam!

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