Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All About Bags

We have previously enjoyed some of the great little bags and totes that are designed by Annie Unrein.  Now we have expanded our selection and added her zippers.  

Her patterns include lots of little details that make your bag have the look and feel of something that's not "homemade".  One key component is this:

 Soft and Stable is available in small packages or by the yard.  We love it for the firm yet soft stabilization that it gives to bags.  Most bag patterns call for fusible fleece or other battings/interfacings, and you might want to try substituting some Soft and Stable instead.

These are 4 of Annie's new bags.  Well, new to us, anyway!

 Ditty Bags includes 3 sizes from 6 1/2" x 4" on up to 10" x 6".  They call for only 3 fabrics, and fat quarters are big enough for even the large size.  A zipper is needed, and we have even the long ones.  Optional directions for a clear vinyl lining are included to make this water-resistant.
Project Bags includes 4 sizes ranging from 6 x 10 up to 16 x 16.  Perfect for storing and organizing blocks that need to lay flat, not folded.  Clear vinyl is sewn into the front of the bag so you can actually see what is inside at a glance.  Webbing is used for the handle but is covered with fabric to match your project, so you can use any color of webbing!
Cosmetic Clutches again offer 3 sizes , and instead of a zipper closure, magnetic snaps are used.
Cell Phone/Camera Case & Wallet is a multifunctional bag that will organize all your basic personal needs.  It closes securely with a zipper, and uses hardware to make the handle detachable.
An optional kit is available that contains the little hardware gadgets that you might have trouble finding.  We have similar "finishing kits" available for 2 more of her bags, On The Go bag and To Market, To Market.

Below are some of the zippers that we have purchased to supplement the large selection of 14" zippers that we know and love.  These are 24" and 30" long.  The 30" zipper is also a double pull, so is just what you need for those zipper placements that can open from either side.  The teeth are a little chunkier and the cloth tape is wider, making them ideal for sewing into bags with layers of interfacing and batting.

 Two more new bags from This & That--

The larger bag with the clear vinyl front is Whatcha Got, and the smaller one is Sew Uptown.

Sew Uptown is a cute little 4" x 6" bag with an internal zipper, a snap flap over a pleated pocket, and a convenient handle strap attached with a d-ring and claw clamp, which we carry as well.
Whatcha Got includes a small pouch (8x10) and a large pouch (10x14).  A zipper closes the top.

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