Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring 2013 Machine Embroidery Retreat

The Machine Embroiderers' Retreat has begun!
We are hosting 20 ladies at Bridge Creek Cottage in Augusta, WI, for a long weekend of sewing focused on machine embroidery.

We are having a few little snow flurries, but that won't last long and it is warm enough that nothing is accumulating.  It just makes for a very pretty view of the creek behind the house--

Some prize-winning icicles adorn the eaves--
I wouldn't recommend standing below them!

Debbie and I made the 2 hour trip here yesterday afternoon, with stops for lunch and 2 quilt shops on the way.  After settling in, I pulled out a sewing project to work on and used my BSR foot.  This is an amazing little piece of technology.  Notice the little black plug and cord in the top left of the picture.  It is plugged into the machine's computer, and activates a sensor mechanism on the bottom of the foot.  As fabric is moved beneath the foot it changes the needle speed faster and slower to match the speed of the fabric movement.  This adds a whole different dimension to the possibilities of quilting.  It is similar to the feature that my longarm quilting machine uses to help get a consistent stitch length during free-motion quilting.  As with any specialty features, there is a learning curve, and really is easy to learn.  If you are interested, make sure you test drive the BSR in our Sewing Center.

The Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) foot

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