Thursday, February 28, 2013


Debbie has been working on a new quilt that just might be a future "Easy as Pie" class for summer or fall.  Nice big blocks, lots of potential for playing with colors.  Now it's off to the quilter--that would be me!  How would you quilt this??  Any ideas??

Tortilla Strips by Atkinson Designs
This retreat is like Machine Embroidery University!  For a novice like myself it is perfect.  I think I stated before that I am learning to use the embroidery features on my Bernina 730.  This is an interesting niche of the sewing world.  I signed up for a class to get me motivated and on track to learn about it, which is just what I needed.  I have worked today on embroidering these 9 little blocks, each 5" square, that will be sewn together (after Laurel shows me how!) to make part of the wallhanging.  This is really interesting to me, playing with colors and threads.  Speaking of threads, you would not believe the amount of thread that is in this sewing room!  Hundreds of spools in every color of the rainbow.  And maybe some new colors that were just invented!

I have started on my next set of squares for another block, this block requires 3 more squares just like the one below to make a star.  The other 3 sections are on hold until I get some more thread to match the stuff that I just ran out of.

We are living it up with catered brunch and dinner from Jason (Sweet Clarisse Catering).  Usually we do most of our own cooking, but now that we have experienced the pleasure and convenience of catered meals, there's no going back!  

If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in, make sure you let the staff of the Sewing Center know about it so we can start planning for our next retreat!

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