Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Epilogue, Spring Market 2012

Can you believe these beautiful chocolates?  I selected 4 from the display case to bring to my sweetie back home (and maybe with the hope that he will share!).

We found Cosentino's Market just 2 blocks from our hotel, and wished we could bring it home with us.  Right in the middle of downtown, a wonderful grocery store and mega deli serving just about anything you can think of!  We actually ate one dinner and one breakfast here.

We loaded up Laurel's deluxe minivan nearly to the roof and said farewell to the Downtown Radisson Hotel.  What normally would be an 8 hour trip took us about 12 due to necessary stops at a few quilt shops along the way!

One destination that we did not want to miss was in Liberty, MO, at the Corbin Mill.   We were very happy to find an abundance of wool and even some beads, yarn, and cross stitch supplies.  Debbie and Patti could not keep their hands off the shelf after shelf of wonderful hand-dyed wool, and so 2 more big bags were crammed into the van.  Available soon on a shelf near you!

Although we were only about 400 miles south of our homes, it was obvious that the growing season was way ahead in MO.  These little bachelor buttons were growing between the Corbin Mill parking lot and railroad tracks, making a beautiful memory of our trip.

Eventually, we made it all the way north to White Bear Lake.  Sharing stories, snacks and laughs makes the miles pass more quickly.  And knitting a few more rows on my scarf, which we are all loving!

I have the feeling that I might be gifted a few more scrap skeins of sock yarn soon!  And I know there are more of these scarves in my future!
To top off the trip, we got back to the store to find the new door installed between the quilt shop and sew center, making the world a better place for all of us!  And this morning Debbie has been back at the store, meeting with a fabric rep to BUY MORE FABRIC!  Yup, she's like the energizer bunny when it comes to finding just the right stuff for our customers.  Can't wait to see what she picked out this time!

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