Monday, April 11, 2011

Therapy For All Things Wrong

If you are wishing for some new ideas and inspiration,
there is nothing better than some new eye candy. In spite of the pros
of all things digital, there is something about the feel of
opening the glossy colorful pages of a new magazine
that cannot be matched by a computer screen.
This publication is a new addition to our usual assortment
of magazines at Bear Patch. It is definitely worth a look
because it is not your ordinary magazine.
It is European, so has some different perspectives
on our American world of quilting. Some things are the same,
but you will find some things done differently, and
that might be just the nudge you need to try a new skill, technique,
color or style. The cover price is $11.99 and our supply
is limited. Yes, more expensive than many other magazines,
but cheaper than therapy!

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