Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Hopping!

Today marked the start of the annual Twin Cities' Shop Hop, a joint effort of 11 metro quilt shops that traditionally kicks off our early summer season. We thoroughly enjoy the chance to see many familiar faces and newcomers walk through our doors. It always seem like everyone is in such a good mood!

Today we had the privilege of hosting Linda Hohag (Brandywine Designs) with her cute, cute, cute quilts combining her love of applique, little critters, and Halloween! This is her newest book, just completed in time for the Spring International Quilt Market. Sorry I have no picture to show, you just have to take my word for it that it is a must-have for your quilt book library.

This afternoon we also enjoyed the company of Terry Atkinson (Atkinson Designs), sharing her newest patterns for bags, quilts, pillows and a great little e-reader cover. I also learned a great tip from her on how to get a pillow into a pillow cover that has an overlapped back without ripping the seams as I just recently did! Her pillow cover pattern has quite a deep overlap, which I really prefer for a neater finished look. But it really is impossible to get the pillowform into that cover, unless you use Terry's magic maneuver. When the cover is all sewn, turn only half of it right side out (the half that has the overlap layer that will be the underneath layer when finished). Insert the pillowform, tucking 2 corners into place in the cover. Then smush the pillowform as you are maneuvering the other half of the pillow cover right side out and over the form. Hard to explain, would be good to get on a video!

Still to come--

Two more special days to join in the fun--
PS--we have cookies!

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