Thursday, October 19, 2017

More Goodies For Our Anniversary Celebration!

 We are happy to have you back again for one more reason to celebrate Bear Patch's 20 years of fabric fun!
Come to the store on Friday, October 20, from 9am - 5pm.
You will be rewarded with one of these mighty fine glass nail files!
This type of file is so nice to use, it doesn't bend or peel apart, and lasts a very long time.

According to a Sally Hansen nail ambassador (I didn't know that was a real thing!), these glass files are better for your nails.  "Glass files, also known as crystal files, regardless of how they are used, seal the keratin layers together at the edge of the nail, preventing peeling and chipping."

Yes, we are always looking out for you, right down to the best personal care possible!  Because, those snaggly nails can be rough on our precious fabric, right?! 
 File those nails and save some fabric!

So come to Bear Patch October 20 to pick up your own fine glass file!  No purchase is necessary, but you must pick up your own!  Offer good while supply lasts.

I think it's an early Halloween treat!
Know any witches who could use a good file?

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