Friday, July 10, 2015

Little Miss Muffet's Tuffet

I have a cute new pin cushion to share!

It is called the Color Wheel Pin Cushion.  It comes in a neat little package containing the pattern, wooden base, screws, cord, foam cushion, walnut shells and felt.  I supplied my own fabric and buttons (one for the top and one hidden underneath.  Oh--it includes the directions, too!

Color Wheel Pin Cushion from License to Quilt.
I had most of it done in an afternoon while enjoying our employee sew session last Thursday.  But it took me a little searching to find something for the legs.  They don't show in this picture, I just used little black 1/2" wooden beads painted black.  The directions called for wooden knobs, like drawer pulls, but I could find nothing like that and get it to fit onto the screws provided.  So I resorted to little beads because they had a 1/8" hole to fit the screw.  And since I couldn't find any craft paints in the jumbled up mess that has invaded my sewing space while we are doing a little renovation, I used a black Sharpie.

The kit costs $18, but includes almost everything you need.  And I found out there are refill kits available so I will be ordering those, too.  And yes, we do mail orders, and charge only the amount of the required postage to get it to your mailbox!
Call 651-429-1039 to order!

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