Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's April, So Gypsy Wife Continues...

First, I have to admit, I am feeling pretty good about just keeping up with the Gypsy Wife quilt monthly assignments for this sew-along.  Hopefully my luck will last!  It's always easy to start a plan like this, but can be very hard to stick with it all the way through.  At least, that's my experience!  

Here is the collection of the blocks I have made for the first two months, following the plan here:

These are not in any kind of arrangement nor order, just stuck up on my design wall randomly.  I have started to think about where these blocks belong in the final layout, but there is a long way to go before I can start putting sections together.  I have also started cutting some long 1 1/2" strips from the assorted prints, because they are used in and around and above and below all of the blocks.  Some carry through from the top to the bottom with block interruptions.  I'm not quite sure what I am doing with that, but I do realize that I will need some long strips, so to save having to piece strips together, I am cutting some now and setting aside for later.  

There has also been some stash improvements, as I see what I need more of to keep a balance.  Some were pieces that I find as I look into my own stash, some are pieces that are new.  It's good to see them in a picture like this, because I can see the value better; i.e., light, medium, dark within the color family.  Looks like most of my golds are mediums, so I will have to see about augmenting that little group with another dark and probably a light.  I haven't included my assorted light/background type of fabrics here.  

I picked out fabrics for the April blocks:

...complete with labels so I know what my first intentions were.  I may have to make some substitutions, but I didn't cut anything yet.  Most of these are Courthouse Steps blocks in varying sizes.  I will start cutting the pieces and get them arranged so I can get a better idea of how they are going to turn out.  Stay tuned!

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