Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We received a boatload of new Island Batik pre-cut bundles, and these little roly-poly guys are a new (to us) item.  Each roll contains 4 batik strips that are 5" x the width of the fabric.  4 different fabrics.  Neatly packaged and ready for your collection!

Island Batik 5" strip bundles are $11.50 each.

I like the little swirls on the ends!  There's some good variety, so there must be something there for everybody!

If you want to do the math, each bundle would yield about 32 - 5" squares.  Not quite as big as a standard "charm pack".  But what a great way to pull in some little bits of additional colors to something that calls for 5" squares.

Interested in more quilt patterns for 5" squares?  Since this has become a very popular size and they come direct from the manufacturer to us, there are an abundance of patterns written for them.  You will find them in many places, but one good spot to go to is the Moda Bake Shop website.  They have a lengthy list of free patterns for you to consider.  Have fun!

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MissesStitches said...

Beautiful little bundles! I predict they will fly off the shelves. (Wish I lived closer. . .)