Wednesday, August 6, 2014

47, 48, 49, 50

Modern Quilt Sampler is back!  
A quartet of triangle blocks is our pleasure today.  And the halfway mark to the goal.
Again, Kristina has pulled some gems from her scrap collection.

We have been amazed and pleased with the hundreds of shop hoppers that have been crossing our threshold.  Not only the participants in Quilt MN 2014, but also the nationwide Row By Row Experience.  It is so rewarding to meet new people and greet the familiar faces again.  We have been keeping the copiers humming trying to keep up with block patterns, row patterns, quilt labels, etc.  Cutting kits and more kits is nearly a full-time job!

Many of the quilt shop customers also discover some of the other nearby shops and cafes on their way to and from Bear Patch.  We are located on a busy corner of the downtown area of White Bear Lake, and just a few short blocks away from the lakeshore.  And one block in the other direction is a little park with fountains and a gazebo.  Friday mornings will find that park overflowing with fresh produce for the Farmers' Market.  And, yes, there is some annoying construction on Hwy. 61, but it is open and the improvements will make it better for you on your next trip!  These beautiful hanging flower baskets almost make up for the inconvenience!

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