Friday, July 18, 2014

Back to the Modern Quilt Blocks

Seems like it has been awhile for our 100 Modern Quilt Blocks pictures, so we have a little catch-up to do:
43, 44, 45, 46
And will you take a look at this--

a stack o' 100 blocks!
Kristina has been a busy bee!  Now comes the challenge of deciding how to put them all together.  What setting pattern to use?  Lattice? Border?
So many questions, so little time!
Stepping back a bit in time, 3 months ago, in fact---we saw pictures of Debbie's sewing room.
Now she has been busily working through getting her sewing room organized, and had a couple new pictures to show:
She has a great cabinet to keep quilts folded and out of the sun and dust.  The shelves are glass and the lower part is glass-fronted drawers, good for smaller pieces like tablerunners.  Something about this says IKEA to me.
 And this shelving area is tidied up and probably catalogued, right, Debbie?

And just to keep things fair and square, here's my own little bit of heaven!
The panorama takes in all of my weak spots!  Since this was taken, I have cleared off the disorganized clutter on the cutting table, front and center in the photo.  Now what's really bugging me is the mess on and below that white table on the right.  That has got to go!  More pictures will follow.  What you can't see from this picture is that I have washed the windows and screens for the first time in at least a year!  I really should have taken down those blinds and washed them too, they are beyond dusting.  Put that on the list!

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