Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Begging For Your Help

First of all, I am going to do something that is entirely self-serving--
I really, really, really would like a bit more of this fabric!

I used up all that I had when I was cutting these diamond shapes.  Unfortunately, I forgot that when I cut them on 2 thicknesses with wrong sides together, half of the diamonds have lines running a different direction.  So instead of having just enough, I am now short.  I don't know for sure where I bought it, nor who made it, but if it looks familiar to someone out there, please leave a comment.  
I don't need much!

Now, on to the real business here--- another sewing room visit!
My co-worker, Eileen, has shared these pictures.  Eileen has a good sense of humor!

The entrance to her "studio" explains what many of us feel!

Now, as you look at next 3 pictures, aren't you amazed by how Eileen was able to hang from the ceiling and get these shots?  Well, the truth is, Eileen's daughter made this little doll-house size sewing room!  Notice the papers all over the little tiny bulletin board in the 3rd picture. 

Now look at the real life bulletin board!  I would say that the teeny tiny room is a pretty good depiction!

Thanks for sharing, Eileen!  And that lovely new Bernina looks great in there!

And now for 4 more blocks of our City Sampler selection by Kristina--
Blocks 32-35

Wondering how she decides what colors to use?
She started out with this pile of bolts--

And from there, the rest is history!


Mina said...

Is it Aneela Hoey's fabric "Little Apples"? If yes, I may have just a smidge or a charm.

the Patch People said...

That could be it! If it's a match and you are willing to part with some of it, I will gladly purchase it. Could you email me at Thanks! You just made my day! Pam