Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Made By Hand

Number One concern for many, many people during the winter is THE HANDS!  The dry, scaly, cracked, sore, bleeding hands!  
The cold, dry air seems to suck the life right out of the skin,
 and that is no fun!

Add to that the need/desire/requirement to actually use those hands for any kind of fine work, and the problem just became serious!  You know it's getting serious when it interferes with your fun time.  I was just yesterday trying to do some English Paper Piecing.  
I like to use a very fine thread to sew the pieces together,
 like Superior's Bottom Line or WonderFil thread.  
So frustrating when it snags on my hands!  Yuck!

So let's give ourselves a break, and do the right thing for our skin!  Try this:

Mary Ellen's Made By Hand.  A hand therapy gel.  
Here's what the company says about it--relieves nicks and scratches; soothes swollen, sore hands without greasy residue; softens dry, callused skin.

Mary Ellen says:
Quilters!  Now you don't have to suffer for your art!  
Made by Hand relieves your sore muscles, nicks and scratches, 
and you can get right back to work since it leaves 
no greasy residue.  It won't stain fabrics or affect your needle grip.  Put it to the "snap judgment" test, and you'll see:  
it dries so fast, you can snap your fingers right away!

This product is made with white willow bark, a natural, 
proven pain reliever that contains salicin, 
a natural anti-inflammatory related to aspirin.

Give your hands a break, or if you are someone who loves a quilter, this would be the perfect stocking stuffer!

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MissesStitches said...

Sounds like a great product! Also try exfoliating those hands before a great moisturizer.