Monday, November 4, 2013

The Zombies Are Among Us

Halloween may have come and gone (thank you!) but we still have some zombies among us.  I know this is kind of a niche appeal, but I'm sure there are some quirky quilters out there that have been waiting with baited breath for news that these fabrics have arrived!  They are really not very scary after all, and come with some practical advice, too, kind of like a Public Safety Announcement.  I did not know that zombies can't climb trees.  But that's what the fabric says, so now I have a plan in place in case of a zombie attack.  I have lots of big trees at my house, so I can get myself and quite a few others to safety.  What a relief!  Do you have a zombie attack plan?

1 comment:

Sandy Panagos said...

Too many cute fabrics out there and not enough time. LOVE the Zombie fabric!! And I am glad you have your plan in place! lol