Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Many Good Things!

 hWe have a lot of pictures to share with you tonight, after a full day of looking and choosing and deciding what to order for the coming months at Bear Patch.  Here are some highlights:
Shannon Fabrics Cuddle chevron
prints and solids in several colors.
Shannon Fabrics sculpted chevrons.

We met Anna Griffin, a wonderful designer of textiles.

Field Day by Blend Fabrics

Elianore by Anna Griffin

Field Day by Blend Fabrics

Elianore by Anna Griffin

We didn't order this fabric or pattern, but I really liked the quilting!

This & That hexagon purse
This & That new club with a Christmas theme

Little woolen purse and needlekeep from the Cottage at Cardiff Farm.

Abbey Lane's new book So Many Choices.
I think this has Sue's name on it!

Chevron Love in 3 sizes by Sweet Treasures

The fabric companies bring lots of examples of ways to use their fabrics.
Wish I could have this chair!

Amy Butler has re-issued some of her earlier fabrics
that we love now just as much as we did then!

Debbie and Amy Butler and some odd lady on the right who needs some sun.
She's even paler than this MN gal!

Prints by Joel Dewberry that are headed for Bear Patch

I had a special interest in these new designs by Buttermilk Basin.
Kristina did the hand applique and embroidery and I did the quilting!

We attended a class by Charlotte Angotti from 6-8, rode the light rail train back towards the hotel, ate at Rock Bottom Brewery because it was right by the train stop, then collapsed in our hotel room!  Back for Round 2 in the morning!


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